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Ok..... this is my first to this bear for me! I have 26, slimish, long brown hair, 36 ° C. I work in an office, just me and my boss, middle-aged and boring, but the money is good. Anyway, I was on vacation last week so it was just me on my own at work. 'Great!' I thought, 'usually can be Skive. ' The only problem is, has been decorated for his small office area arranged. so come on Monday and the two designers. One of them is my age (Dave ), the other over 40 ( keV). Both are cute though. I'm on my own with Kev on the left, while Dave is on a little more paint. Kev is beautiful and start flirting with each other. I must admit, to bring him a tip. It is burning hot in the office and I tease him by telling him to remove his shirt and work only in their underwear. He says he wants, but only if I can undo the buttons of my shirt a few large so you can see the top of my boobs. I know. I can see, he likes what he sees, by the bulge growing in his pants. carry a short skIRT and T-shirt and sitting on the edge bravoteens of the table before him. Gradually the rest of undo the buttons of my revealing my lacy black bra. It moves a little closer bravoteens and kiss me. I open my legs and wrap it around the hips, really can feel how hard it is now. He hooked her bra and pulled it out of me and buried his head in my tits and sucked my nipples after the series. I slide down her shorts and knees and starts sucking him. is Then I realize they are being watched. Dave is looking toward the door as your partner ejaculates on my tits ! Kev David nods, looks at me and asks, 'will do, what should I do now? ' 'No,' I reply. 'You can fuck me good. ' He smiles and walks over to me. He slips out of my skirt and panties, I'm bravoteens bravoteens naked. Then he loses his clothes, which is a tough time with me and saw his friend. Running his fingers over my tits and cum by Kev. I turn around and leaned over the table and grabs bravoteens me from behind while looking Kev. After that, I can not believe I did. I've never done anything like this before! But I have their phone numbers... So who knows?
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